The Calgary Flames, Calgary’s NHL team, are currently in a desperate push for this year’s play-offs. A season that began strongly with a seemingly unstoppable march to the cup has now become a limp to a doubtful play-off spot. In November there was talk of championships and Stanley Cups but now the conversations are of […]

It’s an honour just to be nominated (and all that stuff)

Allow me this moment of shameless self-promotion. The nominations for the 2009 Pictures of the Year were announced by the News Photographers Association of Canada (NPAC) Thursday night. And in the Sports Action category there’s a photo of curler Glenn Howard celebrating a final rock victory at last year’s Brier, taken by yours truly. This […]

Cirque de Coulter hits Calgary

Controversial American conservative pundit Ann Coulter spoke in Calgary Thursday night. She’s famous for spouting her ultra right-wing views from atop a slender, mini-skirted, leather booted frame. A similar event to the Calgary appearance was canceled at the University of Ottawa earlier in the week because of a perceived security risk caused by the presence […]

New WestJet CEO

Calgary based airline WestJet presented their new CEO Gregg Saretsky last week. He has had an interesting career arc in the flying industry. He started out as a flight attendant for Air Canada. Although not a pilot, he wanted a photo of himself sitting in the captain’s chair. It turns out his brother is a […]

Arts school earns high ranking

This year’s Fraser Institute Report Card on Alberta Elementary Schools was released recently. I was sent to provide images for a portion of the story Calgary Herald education reporter Sarah McGinnis was working on regarding Capital Hill School, which has garnered praise for it’s artistic approach to education. It’s obvious, in observations of the students […]

Murder trial

Arcelie Laoagan, 41, was raped and killed as she walked home from work near a light rail train station in northeast Calgary, Alberta late on the night of Jan. 18, 2008.Her accused killer Christopher James Watcheston, 24, is currently on trial for the crime. As part of the Calgary Herald’s coverage of the trial, I […]

Russia vs Canada

On Tuesday Canada played Russia in the quarter-finals of the Olympic hockey tournament in Vancouver. As is common with major hockey games the Calgary Herald sent me to a local pub to get some fan photos to run in the next day’s paper. The writer was looking for something different from the usual ‘Go Canada […]

Olympic Torch Relay

I spent four days on the road with Calgary Herald columnist Valerie Fortney covering the 2010 Vancouver Olympics torch relay in southern Alberta, Canada. We were somewhat disappointed when we realized that it wasn’t a relay in the true sense of the word. It turns out the flame isn’t carried from town to town by […]