The icemen cometh

It’s mid-September and for many that means the long wait for the start of a new hockey season is nearly at an end. It’s still a month or so before the NHL season begins but the team’s are starting to get ready. Most teams are focusing on their young prospects at this time of year. […]

Eyes wide open

A quick scan of some of my assignments from last week for the Herald revealed an unintended theme. Eyes might be the windows of the soul but they’re also handy at expressing emotion or getting a point across. Whether it’s a tiger letting a photographer know that he’s close enough while he’s gathering images to […]

Indian Village-Faces, Feathers and Phones

Was given an assignment to capture some images from the Stampede’s Indian Village Thursday. The Indian Village has been an integral part of the Calgary Stampede since 1912. A pow-wow, a native dance competition/exposition, was scheduled in the village in the afternoon. I opted to hang out backstage to find images of the competition’s participants […]

Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi performed at the Saddledome Thursday. Have never been a huge fan of Jon’s or his band, though I might have had a cassette copy of Slippery When Wet at some point. But, then again, didn’t we all. The hair isn’t as big as it used to be but Jonny still knows how to […]

World Cup #17 – Back home

I’ve decided to keep these blog headings until sometime after the final on Sunday, perhaps in a desperate denial of fact. Less than 24 hours after arriving back home, I find myself navigating the crowded streets of downtown Calgary. Friday means day 1 of the Calgary Stampede and the jean wearing, plaid shirted, stetson topped […]

World Cup # 16 – Random thoughts….

…though there’ll probably be more to come… The vuvuzela doesn’t translate well to television. Having watched a few matches on tv I have to admit the monotone hum it produces doesn’t enhance the viewing experience. Perhaps it even diminishes it, leaving fans wishing they could hear the usual crowd chanting and bands. But really, it’s […]

World Cup #15 – Heading into injury time

The concept of time is on my mind as I stand at Rondebosch metrorail station awaiting transport to the Germany vs. Argentina quarterfinal in Cape Town. The World Cup doesn’t offer up much in the way of a personal schedule. To be honest, days haven’t really existed since my arrival here. I don’t know what […]

World Cup #14 – Wine Country and Penguins

The break between matches in Cape Town have afforded me the chance to get out and see little of the area around the city. Spent Thursday in the Stellenbosch wine country area on Warwick Estate vineyards, a winery established by a Canadian who moved to South Africa in the 1970s. Norma Ratcliffe has been producing […]