World Cup #13 – Pickpocket in Cape Town

A long but uneventful bus trip from Port Elizabeth/Nelson Mandela Bay to Cape Town comes to an end before dawn Tuesday morning. The most difficult part of the 10 and a half hour journey was being forced to watch two and a half Steven Seagal movies at full blast before being permitted to try and […]

World Cup #12 – Ducks and Elephants

Getting some last minute web time in before heading out from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town on a 10 hour overnight bus trip. Supporters come in all shapes and sizes, but I can’t figure out what relevance a blue duck has with the Uruguay national football team, other than its wearer saw it’s colour and […]

World Cup #11 – Match Day

Wake up Wednesday morning and grab some breakfast downstairs of my motel in central Port Elizabeth. Have a coffee before jumping in the shower. About to head out, but swing by reception. The grey haired night clerk I dealt with the evening before is nice, affable and full of conversation but he seems scattered. I […]

World Cup #10 – Birthday in Soweto

This is the first time I’ve had a chance to get internet in a couple days, so I just wanted to say, for the whole world to see, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAINA!!!!!!! You turned 9 years-old yesterday and I just wanted to let you know that you’re growing up into such a wonderful young lady and […]

World Cup #9 – Penta Campeao!!!

Some will say a World Cup isn’t fully experienced unless you cross paths with Brazil at some point. Brazil played Ivory Coast in front of 85,000 fans at Soccer City in Johannesburg Sunday. The Brazilian chants of, “penta campeao, penta campeao,” could be heard behind the now familiar never-ending monodrone of thousands of vuvuzelas. One […]

World Cup #8 – Back to the soccer

Am currently sitting in the media centre at Soccer City in Joberg waiting to see if I can get a pitch pass for the Brazil vs Cote d’Ivoire game…fingers crossed. Not sure why but the security around Soccer City stadium is different from the first match I covered here.There is a heavier police presence. They’re […]

World Cup #7 – Short break from the footy

After the Germany’s dismantling of Australia in Durban I asked to get dropped off in Ladysmith, halfway between the coast and Johannesburg. Spent a total of two nights in the town in KwaZulu-Natal province. Growing up I had an unhealthy obsession with the 1960’s Michael Caine film Zulu, which tells the story of how just […]

World Cup #6 – Down to Durban

All around Durban there a promotional signs declaring that the city is the hottest place to be in 2010. And they’re right, so far. This was the first time I haven’t had to wear a jacket after dusk since arriving in South Africa. Durban’s appeal might be the warmer weather, but Durban Stadium is an […]