World Cup #5 – Cmon England

Shot my first England game Saturday as they tied USA 1-1 in Rustenburg. The city located northwest of Johannesburg was the scene of yet another English disappointment. It’s Royal Bafokeng stadium saw a perfect start for England in the form of an early Steven Gerrard goal, thwarted by a howler of a mistake by English […]

World Cup #4 – Bafana Bafana

Patience sometimes pays off. Decided to head to Soccer City stadium for the tournament’s opener between South Africa, or Bafana Bafana, and Mexico on Friday. The plan was to hang out and take a few fan photos and get a general sense of how game days operate around here.I’ve been on the waitlist for the […]

World Cup #3 – Arrived safe and to the sound of the vuvuzela

Arrived in Johannesburg Wednesday morning. Currently sitting in the media centre in the shadow of Soccer City stadium. The flight from Doha, the final leg of my trip, was full of fans from various countries, most of who were sporting some form of clothing indicating their nationality. Sitting next to me were to guys from […]

World Cup #2

Kick off for the World Cup is in four days. Take off for my flight is in four hours. On Wednesday I arrive in Johannesburg, Joburg, Jozy. They all work, though the latter is apparently the one cool kids use these days. As these things sometimes do, this trip has crept up on me. It […]

World Cup #1

Kick-off for the World Cup in South Africa is just over 30 days away and this photographer will be watching the countdown with a special interest. Amongst shifts and projects for the Calgary Herald I’ve managed to start preparing for the trip to the deep, deep south. It’s a trip every footy fan has surely […]

Calgary Punk Music

I was sent to the Distillery a few Saturday’s ago to work on a story on Calgary’s punk/hardcore music scene, that Calgary Herald music writer Heath McCoy was working on. The Calgary Beer Core, a local punk and hardcore music promotion, was holding it’s 10 Bands for 10 Bucks event at the downtown Calgary club. […]

The few get fewer

Calgary MLA Dave Taylor left the Alberta Liberal party Monday. Taylor had some parting words aimed at the province’s Liberal party leader David Swann, saying he had lost confidence in the party’s chief. Taylor will continue his political life as an independent.In conservative friendly Alberta this resignation won’t drastically change the provincial political landscape. The […]

No Flames No! (in the play-offs that is)

The Calgary Flames were eliminated from this year’s Stanley Cup play-off race Tuesday. Calgary’s 2-1 loss to San Jose at home and Colorado’s penalty shoot-out victory in Vancouver combined to wash away the Flames’ tenuous hopes of earning the western conference’s final play-off berth.This is the first time since the 2003 season that there will […]