A selection of editorial video shot and edited by Stuart Gradon.

I was a photojournalist at the Calgary Herald for 10 years. Friday, August 22, 2014 was my final day at the Herald - leaving to head back to school. Here is a collection of some of the images captured over that 10 years. ©2014 Stuart Gradon
A collection of nearly 1000 photos taken the day the town of High River was evacuated due to the massive flooding of June 20, 2014. ©2014 Stuart Gradon
A testament to Vimy Ridge, and First World War soldiers, built in a cemetery in Horn Hill, Alberta by a local rancher. ©2014 Stuart Gradon/Calgary Herald
The story of the French cavalry soldiers who settled in Trochu, Alberta, only to return home to fight during First World War. ©2014 Stuart Gradon/Calgary Herald
A year after the multiple murder-suicide that claimed four lives, including the murderer, north of Claresholm, Alberta, friends recall the events of the day and share their memories of the victims. ©2014 Stuart Gradon/Calgary Herald
WestJet volunteers, coordinated by humanitarian agency Live Different, build homes, with local contractors, and bring hope to an impoverished community in Puerto Plata, the Dominican Republic. ©2014 Stuart Gradon/Calgary Herald
Haitian refugees make a tough living picking garbage at a dump near the popular holiday destination of Puerto Plata, in northern Dominican Republic. As part of their 'Hero Holiday' - organized by humanitarian aid organization Live Different - WestJet volunteers visited the garbage dump in order to better understand the plight of the people living in the Puerto Plata area. ©2014 Stuart Gradon/Calgary Herald
Chip McCullough has been serving as a fire lookout at the Barrier post for the past two decades. An isolated lookout, Barrier can only be reached by either a two hour hike or a helicopter ride. ©2014 Stuart Gradon/Calgary Herald