Lamb Meatballs

Welcome to S.G. Bistro - Calgary's newest and finest dining experience.

Whether you are coming to the bar to sit and enjoy some olives and almonds while sipping on a glass of sherry, or staying for the evening to experience our “Spanish Table”, one thing you’ll notice when you do join us is that S.G. Bistro is as different to Calgary as Spain is to the rest of Europe.

Throughout history the food and culture of Spain has been influenced by numerous cultures. From the occupation of the Moors to the voyages of Christopher Columbus, centuries of history have left a foundation that has maintained Spain as a front-runner in modern cuisine.

The philosophy of this food is to have as many dishes in front of you as can fit on the table, the flavours of each plate work well alone but somehow are better when mixed with a little bit of everything else.

Featured Plates

pork salami scallops