Big Business in Banff

Was working the annual Global Business Forum at the famed Banff Springs hotel in the Rocky Mountains for the last couple days.
Reporters for these jobs are usually a little, and unnecessarily, apologetic to photographers for these kind of assignments. They know that members of their photo department probably didn’t get into the business to gather images of talking heads.

However, it’s part of the job, especially working for a paper with a large business secion that’s based in western Canada’s big business city.

Events like this need covering when there’s this number of high rollers in one spot. Images need to be made. In truth there are worse assignments.

CEOs, presidents and economic researchers mix with federal and provincial ministers during the two day event at Banff’s iconic hotel. The focus of the talks is kept to the current economic environment and obviously the business of oil, Alberta’s premier industry.
Images from top:
-A forum attendee checks his mobile phone during a break from sessions.
-Alberta premier Ed Stelmach speaks to the media.
-From left, former United States ambassadors to Canada David Wilkins (Rep.), Gordon Giffin (Dem.) and Paul Cellucci (Rep.) share a laugh about their differing political leanings.
-Professor Gwyn Prins, Alliance Research Professor, Research and Projects Development Division, London School of Economics.
-James Flaherty, Minister of Finance, Canada.
-Marvin Odum, President, Shell Oil Company.

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