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I was sent to the Distillery a few Saturday’s ago to work on a story on Calgary’s punk/hardcore music scene, that Calgary Herald music writer Heath McCoy was working on. The Calgary Beer Core, a local punk and hardcore music promotion, was holding it’s 10 Bands for 10 Bucks event at the downtown Calgary club.

It’s been a few years since I’ve been in a mosh pit, and back then it never occurred to me to take professional photo gear in for the ride. It was a little tricky trying to capture images while avoiding clenched fists and flying elbows. ‘Skull Stomper’ (see photo) was the hardest of the hardcore, and wanted everyone to know it. I only stayed for a few bands, including BDFM (Beer Drinking Fighting Machine) and Ground Up.

Met with the organizer of the event, Calgary Beer Core’s Jim Martin, and a couple members of BDFM, Kristin Semchuk and Mark Russell, to get a backstage photo after their show. It’s always interesting to see the differences between someone’s onstage persona and their backstage personality.

On stage BDFM’s frontman Russell would use phrases and language, that would embarrass his mother, in an effort to get the audience riled to an acceptable level. However, before and after the show he was as polite as polite could be. Actually, he was one of the guys who met me at the front door and offered to assist me in anyway he could.

In the end there’s nothing complicated or pretentious about the music. It’s just good ole head-banging thunder.

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