Cirque de Coulter hits Calgary

Controversial American conservative pundit Ann Coulter spoke in Calgary Thursday night. She’s famous for spouting her ultra right-wing views from atop a slender, mini-skirted, leather booted frame.

A similar event to the Calgary appearance was canceled at the University of Ottawa earlier in the week because of a perceived security risk caused by the presence of a few hundred protesters. Needless to say her engagement in Calgary went ahead. There were a few protesters but there were never enough to dissuade organizers. After all, Calgary is considered by many to be the capital of conservative country.

She’s definitely a polarizing figure. Her statements seem intended to rally the converted, while, possibly, hoping to tweak the ire of others. She made statements earlier in the week to a Muslim student suggesting they take a camel if they didn’t have a flying carpet.

In the end, Calgary’s event was fairly mild. The 900, mostly conservative, audience members didn’t hear anything said that could be considered criminal. Members of both sides of the fence probably went home happy, thinking they had had their moment.

Image wise there were podium shots and protester sign shots. However, I did catch sight of those boots she’s so famous for, as she went over her speech before taking the stage. Thought it made for a good moment and, in a different way, shows the personality of the carefully cultivated flashy conservative.


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