End of the World or just a Justin Bieber concert

Sometimes life is about experience and using that experience to help you in your future. Even if you don’t realize it at the time.

Little did I know that covering the World Cup in South Africa this last summer would prepare me for shooting a teen idol concert back home in Calgary three months later. But thanks to a dozen matches of suffering the constant blast of thousands of vuvuzelas, the high-pitched unified scream of thousands of jumping pubescent Justin Bieber fans was manageable, even if it did push the limits of tolerability.

He’s not for everyone. A former colleague announced on facebook yesterday,”Lead story on Edmonton Journal website: Justin Bieber concert review. The end of the world is clearly nigh.”

The devoted, self-sacrificing fathers I found gathered in a Saddledome hallway halfway through the concert, joined in their collective eye-rolling, good natured cynicism, might have agreed. (pictured below)

Personally, I would hope for a harder soundtrack to accompany the end of days, than the bubble gum, tweeny love songs Bieber graced his devoted fans with at the dome lastnight.

But there’s no denying that the fans got what they wanted. A view of the face that likely adorns the walls of many of their bedrooms and school lockers.Click Here to see Calgary Herald review by Stephen Hunt.

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