Nearly trampled by Stamps

The Calgary Stampeders beat the Montreal Alouettes 46-21 Friday, in what many CFL pundits may consider a prelude to the 2010 Grey Cup final.
Being my first football game of the season, it admittedly took me a while to reacquaint myself with the nuiances of shooting Canadian football.

Not the least of which was remembering that a horse thunders along the front of the east stands of McMahon Stadium, immediately following every Stamps’ touchdown.

In fact, if not for an alert member of the television broadcasting staff, I might well have been trampled during one such celebration following the Stampeders’ second score during the first quarter.

I can still feel where she dug her nails into my bicep, in a successful attempt to steer me to safety. I got off a,”thanks for that,” and got back to the task of shooting, despite feeling an onset of embarrassment begin to wash over my reddening face.

The touchdown horse would run a few more times Friday night. There would be no more photographer obstacles in its way for the remainder of the game as I opted to switch positions with fellow Herald photographer Leah Hennel and shoot from the opposite sideline for the second half.
Images from top:
-The Calgary Stampeders’ Joffrey Reynolds, #21, jumps over teammate Nik Lewis to get some extra yards against the Montreal Alouettes’ Billy Parker #17, and Eric Wilson.
-The Calgary Stampeders’ Romby Bryant, right, celebrates a touchdown with teammate Rob Cote against the Montreal Alouettes.
-The Calgary Stampeders’ Marc Calixte helps bring down the Montreal Alouettes’ Tim Maypray.
-The Montreal Alouettes’ head coach Marc Trestman looks over some notes as dusk settles of McMahon Stadium.

-The Calgary Stampeders’ Jon Cornish, #9, is tackled by the Montreal Alouettes’ Jerald Brown.

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