New WestJet CEO

Calgary based airline WestJet presented their new CEO Gregg Saretsky last week. He has had an interesting career arc in the flying industry. He started out as a flight attendant for Air Canada.

Although not a pilot, he wanted a photo of himself sitting in the captain’s chair. It turns out his brother is a pilot with a different airline and he wanted to have a bit of laugh at his expense and show him he didn’t have to earn his wings to get into the cockpit.
He seemed to be easing into his new role smoothly; opting to go tieless and top button undone, fitting in with the relaxed image WestJet is famous for trying to portray.

This photo (right) ran as the Herald’s main art on the front page of Saturday’s paper in accompaniment of Herald writer Tamara Gignac’s story. It didn’t take too much convincing for Saretsky to hop-up into the engine of one of the air fleet’s Boeings.

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