Stamps and shovels

McMahon Stadium was busy Thursday morning as both the Calgary Stampeders and the stadium’s staff prepared for Sunday’s CFL West Final.

The Stampeders play the Saskatchewan Roughriders to see who progresses to the 2010 Grey Cup Final and were working their way through their playbooks during team practice.

The staff were working their way through the stadium’s 35,500 seats, shoveling the snow that had accumulated during this week’s sudden onset of winter.

Both the team and workers, as well as a few media, were attempting, in vein, to keep warm. Apparently game day isn’t going to be any warmer.

The high for Sunday is expected to be around -15ºC – colder with wind chill. And considering how McMahon Stadium seems to work as a virtual wind tunnel, funneling any arctic wind through it’s two grandstands, that wind chill will be considerable.

Good luck staying warm to all planning to attend. Hopefully the game will raise the temperature a little.

Images from top:
-A worker shovels snow from the stands at McMahon Stadium.
-The Calgary Stampeders’ Henry Burris takes part in team training.
-Workers use snow blowers to clear the field at McMahon Stadium.
-Calgary Stampeders head coach John Hufnagel keeps his feet warm with an electric heater.

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