World Cup # 16 – Random thoughts….

…though there’ll probably be more to come…

The vuvuzela doesn’t translate well to television. Having watched a few matches on tv I have to admit the monotone hum it produces doesn’t enhance the viewing experience. Perhaps it even diminishes it, leaving fans wishing they could hear the usual crowd chanting and bands. But really, it’s not meant to please the television audience. When sitting on the sidelines and thousands of them are blasting in rhythmic unison, it’s felt in your body, the stadium seems to swell. I like the vuvuzela, though I hope and believe they won’t be making a return appearance anytime soon.
As for actual play, one of the players I’ll remember most is Spain’s David Villa and how he tormented the Honduran defense, right back Mendoza in particular, during an early round match at Ellis Park in which he scored twice. He’s obviously going to be considered one of the stars of this cup for the goals he scored, but it was his direct attacking play that made him fun to watch. Every time he gets the ball out on the left wing, he thinks about getting to the striking area. And every time he got the ball against Honduras, you could see panic hit Mendoza’s face as he knew he wasn’t equipped to deal with the Spanish forward.

Thinking about Uruguay’s victory over South Korea in a tight second round match and how the players went over to some of their traveling fans brings a smile to the face. They were enjoying the moment together. They were both held back by security but they just wanted to get to each other, crying and singing. A shared euphoria. It was only a second round match but it meant so much to players and fans alike.

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