World Cup #5 – Cmon England

Shot my first England game Saturday as they tied USA 1-1 in Rustenburg.

The city located northwest of Johannesburg was the scene of yet another English disappointment. It’s Royal Bafokeng stadium saw a perfect start for England in the form of an early Steven Gerrard goal, thwarted by a howler of a mistake by English goalie Robert Green.

I would have my own hiccups following the match after catching a ride with two fellow Canadian journalists and their driver and wife.

Through a series of traffic jams and wrong turns we eventually made it back to Joburg, where I then had to jump in a pre-arranged taxi to head back to my place where I could try and prepare for the next day’s travels to the coast. Though ‘next day’ is hardly accurate as it was well into the morning.

The plan was to drive to Durban, 500 km to the southeast, at 8pm with a group of traveling Australia fans. Made it back to my bed in Johannesburg around 5:30am. Decided to ignore the impulse to sleep and instead looked at a few images on the laptop and packed up my clothes and gear.

My ride arrived and we headed down to Durban.

Despite the problems and headaches, I got my first England game. Hopefully they can co-operate and give us a win next time I get a ticket.

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