World Cup #6 – Down to Durban

All around Durban there a promotional signs declaring that the city is the hottest place to be in 2010. And they’re right, so far. This was the first time I haven’t had to wear a jacket after dusk since arriving in South Africa.
Durban’s appeal might be the warmer weather, but Durban Stadium is an attraction in itself. German and Australian fans helped fill the over 60,000 capacity venue for their sides’ first match of the World Cup.

I’m staying with a few Aussie fans while in Durban and traveled partway to the stadium with them before getting split up at a fan shuttle at Gateway Mall, allegedly the largest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere.

A 20 minute ride dropped us of around 5-6 km from the stadium, though local volunteers insisted it was,”2 kilometres, 15 minutes.”

The stadium made itself seen about 10 minutes into the walk. It’s probably one of the more beautiful stadiums hosting World Cup matches in South Africa, with the illuminated arch rising up into the a night’s sky.

However, the beauty of the stadium might have been lost on some of the Aussie fans as their jubilant mood was erased as they watched their team defeated 4-0.

And I’m only now seeing that there was a worker riot at the stadium shortly after we left. I’m incredibly out of touch down here sometimes.

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