The few get fewer

Calgary MLA Dave Taylor left the Alberta Liberal party Monday. Taylor had some parting words aimed at the province’s Liberal party leader David Swann, saying he had lost confidence in the party’s chief. Taylor will continue his political life as an independent.

In conservative friendly Alberta this resignation won’t drastically change the provincial political landscape. The Liberals now only have eight seats in the legislature instead of the nine they started the day with.

If nothing else it will give the political writers and pundits something left-of-centre to talk about for a little while.

I was sent to Taylor’s formal announcement of his resignation at a Calgary hotel to provide images for stories by Herald political writers Renata D’Aliesio and Don Braid.

Press conferences can be dull and monotonous to shoot. Man stands at microphone and talks, media asks question, man talks, media asks question, man talks…..pretty tame.

However, if there’s enough time and space I’ll sometimes set up a strobe on a stand to the side of the podium. Using a wireless remote system you’re free to roam the room, looking for different angles, all the while being able to set-off the flash. This can add depth and texture and hopefully gives the resulting images an added visual interest.

At the very least it gives me something to tinker with during some the less interesting ‘pressers’.

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